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Becoming a Cecchetti Teacher

The first step in learning more is locating a coach. Your coach will guide you through each level of the syllabi,
including the combinations, technique, music, history and anatomy. They will also introduce you to the bi-annual Seminars, designed for teachers and students as well as our summer program.

Please use the link below to contact us and we can begin helping you find a mentor near you.  

Becoming a Cecchetti Teacher cont.

I have a mentor - now what?

Once you have located a mentor begin your class-time. All members continue their education through coaching
session and class-time. The bond between you and your mentor will be a fun one. You will work hard and laugh
hard. You may be in 1 on 1 training sessions, or they may be small group classes you can attend with other
teachers looking to further their ballet education. You will be eligible to attend the biannual Seminars within our
Southwest Council, and the Seminars hosted by other Councils around the world, plus the Teacher Summer
Program to supplement your coaching sessions. These are all wonderful ways to connect with other teachers
studying The Cecchetti Method. You will find that we are a global organization with many opportunities for both you
and your students including studying abroad and ballet competitions. For your coaching sessions you can choose
between or alternate, in person sessions with virtual sessions. She/He can help you with purchasing library
materials and music and guide you to apps and websites to further help you study. When you are ready for your

first Teacher’s Exam you and your mentor will choose an Exam Date.

 The Southwest Committee hosts many exams per year. The deadline for both Teachers and students is 9

weeks out for both registration and exam fees.

Once you have taken your Grade 1 Teachers Exam, and passed you are eligible to become a member of The
Cecchetti Council of America. Your mentor or our New Teacher Committee can guide you through the easy online
membership request. However, it is not required….. YET. You will be required to request membership when you
1. Register for your Grade 2 Teachers Exam OR
2. Desire to register your first students for their Primary level or Grade 1 level exams. (more on Primary Levels
Remember, you are requesting membership. Do not wait until the 9 week due date before an exam to apply for


Thank you for your interest in The Cecchetti Method. We hope this brief outline helped to guide you to your next

step in gathering information about this wonderful methodology.

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