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Our Teachers Weekend is a wonderful weekend to be your best ballet nerd, ask loads of questions, dance till your feet hurt and hang out with fellow dance brainiacs.

Teachers Weekend


Seminars for Teachers and Students are hosted by he Southwest Council of Cecchetti hosts biannual . Each is wonderful
educational arm for further development of you as the teacher and your ballet students. Currently, our Seminars are

held each Spring and Fall.

Seminars for Teachers and Students


The Summer Intensive Programs for Teachers and Students are held concurrently at Hope Collège in Michigan each summer.  The dates usually encompass July 15th and run 7-9 days for teachers and 2 for weeks for students.

Summer Intensives for Teachers and Students

Continuing Education

Teachers Only

Our teachers only weekend is an intense yet supremely fun gathering of dance teachers who are eager to better their knowledge of the Cecchetti Method.  Our schedule accommodates those new to the Cecchetti Syllabus and thought process as well as those who have been fully immersed for quite some time. 

This past Teacher's Weekend was hosted by Ballet Arkansas.  Their professional dancers were on hand to experience and demonstrate the professional level work in this method.  Also on site were National Examiners who provided insight on issues they are currently seeing during both Instructor and Student exams.  Of course, they taught ballet class as well.  

If you are a dance instructor you already know how intense and full of life each of us are.  This weekend is a great way to increase your dance knowledge, ask questions and spend some time with others who have curious minds just like you.  


Teachers and Students Welcome

The Southwest Committee of Cecchetti hosts bi-annual Seminars for Teachers and Students. Each is wonderful
educational arm for further development of you as the teacher and your ballet students. Currently, our Seminars are

held each Spring and Fall.

For over 40 years the SWCCA has been organizing twice-yearly weekend-long seminar classes for teachers and
workshop classes for students. The teachers’ classes serve as syllabus refreshers. You will have the opportunity
to both take class, and observe. Member Teachers may also volunteer to teach. The students’ classes introduce
them to ballet students from our Council. Many of whom they will then grow up through the levels with, creating a
sense of family and comradery. Professional faculty of national and international caliber, students from other local
Cecchetti studios, and scholarship classes are additional perks of attending. We strongly encourage our students to
attend whenever possible. The events are held at local University or Studios within our Council Members.
The full conference for students and teachers is held on both Saturday and Sunday, with drop-off around 8:45 and
classes from 9:00 a.m. to roughly 4:30 p.m. Each day features many dance classes including ballet and at least 1
off syllabus class and 1 off genre class. Teachers are invited to attend any and all student classes as well as
Teacher specific classes. Parents wishing to attend the closing ceremonies should plan on arriving around 3pm on
Sunday. For this final gathering students will perform ballet as well as the off genre discipline, we will also hand out

awarded scholarships and honorable mentions.

CCA Summer Intensive

Teachers and Students Welcome


All teachers, members and non members are welcome to enroll in our Summer School Session for teachers. It is
designed to explore, learn, and study the Cecchetti Method. Teachers can learn and share knowledge in a positive
and friendly atmosphere provided by the CCA and Hope College.  The seminar is devoted to the art of teaching,
emphasizing developing technique and the quality of movement, body placement, and style.

The teachers’ faculty includes guest teachers from around the world, and CCA faculty from around the country, who
believe the Cecchetti Syllabi is a strong and viable teaching methodology.  The complete Cecchetti syllabi is offered
to demonstrate the progression of the method, along with classes that specialize in teaching techniques, classes for

the very young, free style, and classical variations.

Teachers reside on campus at Hope College and have classes available to them beginning at 9am and finishing
around 5pm. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is available through the cafeteria with an allergy option available.

Evening activities are also available.

The student summer program runs concurrently to the teachers program enable teachers to check in on their

students at their leisure.


The CCA Summer Intensive program for students is designed to strengthen the technique, broaden the perspective,
and develop artistry of students ages 11 – 21. The program offers many different dance genres with exceptional
guest artists and teachers.  The schedule includes ballet technique, men’s class, variations, and jazz. The two-week
intensive may include, depending upon the level, additional classes in pointe, pas de deux, character, modern,
Flamenco, Pilates mat, yoga, and lecture topics including: Dance History, Nutrition, and Injury Prevention and Care.
Dancers in all levels will participate daily in two ballet technique classes, one dance related class, and one
performance rehearsal. The program is open to students of all methods; classical ballet classes taught by the Guest
Faculty are free-style and do not include the “set” Cecchetti Syllabus for students. All Classical Ballet Classes will be

accompanied by accomplished piano musicians.

Participants are expected to be outstanding students of dance. By signing the application, the sponsoring teacher

recommends the applicant for our program.

  •  Application must be completed indicating years of serious training; number of ballet classes currently taking per

week; and, if applicable, the last CCA exam passed.

  •  Two 4×6 photographs in solid colored leotard and pink tights must accompany application.

 Photographs must show two poses: tendu a terre to the second position (arms in second) and first arabesque.
 Photographs will be used to assess applicant for acceptance and level placement.
 Final class placement will be determined by the adjudication staff that assesses the dancer’s demonstrated ability
within the first two days.
 Students are placed in levels based on age, technique, physique, personal strength and intangibles such as talent,
grace and maturity.

CCA 2016
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