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You may register both Instructors and Student examinees from this page. 

Name and Email is your Name and Email

Subject is the Exam Session Dates

You must include:

1.  Examinee First and Last name

2.  Their Grouping (i.e SG1 or TG6 etc)

3.  Their Age at time of exam.

4.  Coach's First and Last name+ Studio Name

5.  If submitting more than one examinee please include them in the correct order and desired examinee number.  If the Registrar cannot accommodate your wishes he/she will email or phone you directly.  You may also include your preferred date and time.  However, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

6.  You must include a screen shot of your CCA dues receipt.  

7.  The Registrar invoice you.  Once paid, he/she will forward the information to the host and you will be added to the schedule.

Thanks for submitting!